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Development of casual indie games is not easy and becomes tedious from time to time, so after work I like to ponder on something else. I devote my free time to preparation of materials to a turn-based , patterned on first parts of such as “”Heroes of Might and Magic”” or “”Disciples””. I am not sure if I ever manage to finish the project but my head is full of ideas and enthusiasm. Of course, development of a complex turn-based game, apart from being assisted by a numerous staff would take a number of months but is there anything you would not do for your hobby?

The coolest thing in development of indie strategy games, where we manage the army, is the choice of proper races. Talking about classics, one cannot skip necromancers, elves or humans.

The thing that I like the least in sequels of most hardcore-type indie games, is their predictability. The consecutive parts of the same, slightly modified game, have only improved graphics and get you bored after a few hours of playing. Sometimes producers imitate all ideas from games of other producers. To avoid this I decided to change the conception and develop a new world of game with brand new rules of play.

Creating the indie game world based on fantasy seems less interesting than creating something new and original, that is why further work goes into a completely different direction. To accelerate the rate I changed the method of creating graphics which resembles comics now. The comics style ideally suits the severe environment of desert and steppe where the story takes place and the Mad Max-type military units.

The whole story takes place in the distant future… “”No-one remembers why humans had to leave the Earth and chose the Andyus planet – one of the planets of the Andromeda Galaxy. Maybe they hoped to start a new peaceful era in history and soon forget about the old life…but the reality appeared to be unfavorable. Andyus was already inhabited and the temperature was reaching 40 degrees in the shade. Andromedians, as the lawful inhabitants were called, ignored the value of peace. The climate they had to put up with for thousands of years developed in them a predatory attitude towards other species and soon those gentle creatures turned into hunters.”” – excerpt from the introduction.

Up to now I developed 4 races based on their character and role they are going to play in game and these are: dogs of war – bestial rebels acting against imperialists; imperialists – inhabitants of the empire who profess traditions of the first humans who appeared on the Andyus; andromedians – lawful inhabitants of the Andyus; mutants – creatures which are half humans and half andromedians, and other cranks.

I am not going to get you bored, dear reader, with descriptions of all mechanisms that will steer the play since they resemble the rules of accepted turn-based strategy games. I will stress, however, that a lot of new ideas were derived from a handbook “”The Art of War”” by Sun Tzu and Sun Pin, as well as from “”Caesar’s Legion”” by Stephen Dando-Collins.”
The key elements that appear in the game are: • diverse battlefield what has influence on the way the individuals move, • arrangement of troops before each battle with possibility of building ramparts and moats, • weakening of the enemy’s troops by cutting off deliveries of stock, • strengthening of the force of attack and defense of the troops in formations.
The working title of the game is “”War of Four Kingdoms”” and I am not sure if I ever manage to develop it. Casual games are more pleasant and working on them is much more rewarding that is why next concept art drawings will be created in my free time.

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