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We as a Demonual studio want to present to you few of our great indiegames!

Hero Princess

Become the princess in a mission to defend the from vikings invasion.

Furious vikings try to get into the castle by walking up the walls on ladders. Use castle bricks to knock off lightweight enemies, and shake the ladder to eliminate heavy ones.

The princess has prepared some painful surprises for every viking in this dreadful army. Piano, bath or pony can easily eliminate multiple vikings at once.

Efficient defense leads to high scores. Share your record on Center, and make use of wise defense strategy to become the best castle defender vikings have ever seen.

Cat Run

Action game with infinite gameplay and exceptionally intuitive control.
Cat life is not the easiest one. Become the cat master and make decisions about pets` future. Save cats from cars, protect them from wandering skunks and devious tentacles which live inside street canals. Disperse nasty tomcats which start fights to finally lead them across the street.
  • Infinite gameplay with specifically designed last progressive difficulty level.
  • Run your cats on four diversified streets like Cat District or Space.
  • Learn how to control four types of cats. Each one with different size, temperament and speed.
  • Get through 7 difficulty levels. Each one puts ahead of you new challenges like oil spots leaking from cars, wandering skunks, increasing cat aggression or police cars.
  • Gather 14 achievements to unlock Goblin Cart. Weird goblin`s machine with gigantic rocket engine at the back will help you to burn out oil spots or even skunks hanging on streets.

Put Us Together

Puzzle game like no other. Merge blocks into given patterns to complete a riddle.

In order to solve a puzzle, all you need to do is to slide blocks around the game board. Put them together basing on given patterns and by using available number of moves.

Put Us Together was specifically designed to provide different block configuration every time you want. Game boards are being generated on the fly, making each game a completely new challenge.

Choose one of seven available difficulty presets which differ from each other by number of moves, pattern shapes, number of blocks and game board size. Then just click Generate, and blocks will scatter throughout the board within just a moment.

If you get lost, use Hint or Undo move anytime you want and as many times you need.

Mighty Warders

Wardens have been outcasted long time ago. Now, they are called by King himself…to help repulsing an attack by ancient army which burn everything on it’s way to capture the King’s Crown.

Prepare yourself to take a part in epic adventure and become a member of the Warden’s Guild.
Play solo or with friends in up to three players online game as old guard’s renegate Knight or Druid from the claw’s clan (two more classes to be announced). Explore forgotten forests and shattered lands, fight dangeroues beasts and experience epic bosses’ battles. Also prove your might against other Wardens around the world in PvP Arena Deathmatch mode. Mighty Wardens is coming to iPhone and iPad in Autumn 2012.


Immerse yourself in a great adventure of Whizzers!

Discover magical world of deadly traps, hungry monsters and bubbling lava. Find lost followers to gain companions which will give you dozens of special powers and catch kidnappers to rescue other Whizzers. Customize your character, and play against your friends in a great, up to 4 players online multiplayer arena mode.

*Appealing soft body physics.
*Great online multiplayer mode up to 4 players.
*Beautiful procedural environment graphics.
*Fully customizable stylish characters.
*Dozens of unlockable character customization elements.
*Unique experience each time thanks to procedural levels.
*Game Center achievements and leaderboards.


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