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Codeforge independent game studio

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CODE FORGE was started in 2012 by a group of 5 gamers and programmers, with the intention of creating awesome cross-platform .
Enthusiastic reviews of our first release – Royal Sails – prove that our goal is possible!

Codeforge independent game studio

Defenders od Vermillion

Codeforge independent game studio
The main objective of the is simple – defend your castle from the incoming hordes of enemies. The difficulty of the challenge for four available heroes will be different depending on the part of the day chosen by the player. DoV uses gesture system for spell casting. Every champion got his (or hers) own special abilities which can be developed with skill tree. Also the game will feature numerous enemies with distinctive style due to hand-drawn graphics.

Royal Sails

Codeforge independent game studio
The Caribbean, XVI Century. English privateers are steadily increasing their attacks on the Spanish supply lines, and the war between England and Spain is drawing near. You, as Sir William Hawkins, Captain of the Royal Navy, will take part in fight against the Spanish armada in the West Indies. During the course of your career you will take part in raids on enemy cities, plunder fleets and fight in intense naval battles, to secure the dominance of the British Empire in the Caribbean.

Fun through excellence? Yes – only a polished game gives maximal satisfaction.

Codeforge independent game studio

At CODE FORGE we’ve turned that idea into our motto. A perfect product is not only fun for our customers, but also for us. That’s because CODE FORGE is fueled by our enthusiasm and love for coding, gaming, design and everything else that is needed to create an engaging gaming experience.

As good games cannot be created in a vacuum, we listen closely to our customers, and take their input into consideration during the development process.

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